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Step 1

Are we a good fit? Can I help you or can I help you find someone who can? Want to know more about my training methods and education? This free call is the time to make sure I am the person you want working with your dog. Calls are 10-15 mins long.


Step 2

ALL initial consultations are done online. I'll collect the history of your dog, the behaviors or training you would like to address, discuss management, and best steps moving forward. 


Step 3

This is where the journey really begins. We will work towards training and behavior goals in a manner that is tailored to your lifestyle.

Initial Consultation

All initial consults will take place online  - this is where we connect and begin your and your dog's journey. We will discuss your dog's history, their behavior, and address specific questions you may have.

We will build training and behavior goals, discuss enrichment, possible management and decide what training package works best for you, Day Training or Online Coaching.
​This session typically lasts 60 minutes.
After the session, you'll receive a summary of our consult, management, and additional resources, such as training videos, handouts, and recommended reading.

Get daily support without having to commit to a strict schedule! With the online coaching program, we provide you with customized dog training homework that includes instructional video examples of exercises to practice directly with your dog. You commit to practicing regularly with your dog and sharing your practice videos with us 2 times per week so we can provide feedback. We will record a voice over video feedback for you to review which you then apply to your next couple practice sessions before submitting another round of videos. You are also able to ask questions directly through the app whenever you need to do so. The fee is $600/4 weeks and most people need 3-6 months of support. You can see an example of what that feedback might look like here:
Or check out Instagram for more:

Separation Anxiety 

Is your dog struggling with being left alone? 

Get customized training plans and unlimited support by an expert Certified in Separation Anxiety Training (CSAT). We use science-based, modern and humane training methods, and a proven protocol. We can’t wait for you and your dog to have peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about Separation Anxiety packages please contact me

Sliding scale & Pro bono

I strongly believe that all dogs and their guardians should have training if needed and desired.

I understand that training is expensive, and sometimes our lives and the lives of our dogs are negatively impacted because of this. As a trainer I donate a percentage of my time working with shelter dogs and I also take a percentage of my clients on a sliding scale or pro bono.

If you think this applies to you please fill out this form and let's discuss our options.

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