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Woof Wisdom is an online based, dog coaching service. I support dogs and their guardians world wide.


Online learning is fun and easy! We start with a 60-minute Zoom conversation where I learn more about you and your dog. In this meeting I want to hear about your goals and challenges so I can make an assessment of the situation, discuss management strategies, as well as next steps. After that we can begin your online training subscription plan. As a subscriber, you will receive from me weekly homework assignments, educational games, and personalized tips and guidance on how to train your dog. Anytime along the way you can send me videos, questions, voice and text messages. 

Why online coaching:

  • Asynchronous learning! Set your own pace, something that makes sense for you and your schedule. Send me your progress updates whenever you have them with a guaranteed fast response from me.

  • You are in control! By learning the techniques and mechanics of dog training yourself, you are acquiring valuable skills for a lifetime. You will master every step of the process and grow increasingly independent and self confident in your relationship with your pet.

  • More cost effective in the long run. You have much more frequent access to a professional trainer for a flat monthly fee, instead of paying a trainer by the hour.

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