Hi, welcome to Woof Wisdom, I'm glad you found me.

I'm an evidence based, certified Fear-Freeforce free dog trainer. I earned my CTC credentual (Certified Trainer and Councilor) from Jean Donaldson's esteemed Academy for Dog Trainers. There I studied dog behavior, evidence-based behavior modification, learning theory, private behavior counseling, canine ethology, and critical thinking.

I am passionate and committed to providing efficient, force-free methods for dogs and their people.

In my field it's important to stay up to date with the latest scientific findings  and I am diligent in continuing my education through research and continued education workshops in applied behavior analysis. 

I'm here to help, how can I best support you?  

Behavior & Training

* Pre-puppy home prep

* Socialization

* Basic skills and manners

* Potty/house training

* Bite inhibition

* Nipping/mouthing
* Crate Training

* Body handling and husbandry

* Problem prevention

* Low-stress vet visits & cooperative care

* Enrichment

* Sit, stand, down

* Stay

* Wait at doors

* Recall

* Loose leash walking

* Jumping

* Tricks

* Enrichment

*Crate training

* Barking/lunging at other dogs

* Barking/lunging at people

* Fear of strangers entering the house

* Handling sensitivities

* Food guarding

* Object guarding

* Shyness/anxiety/fears

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