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Exhausted all your options? Solutions to your dog’s behavior begins here

Whether you’ve just welcomed a puppy into your home, a new adult, or it’s your long time companion, I come equipped to support you in any situation. If you’re not sure why potty training isn’t working, wondering about setting your puppy up for success or have a wild teenager on your hands, I’m here for you. If you’re facing significant behavior challenges such as fear, aggression, reactivity, or separation anxiety, I offer training that can support you in reaching your goals and help you live your best life.

I Can Help With

A young woman sits on her kitchen floor on a sunny day, enjoying coffee and a meal of bread and berries. Her laptop is open nearby, and her phone rests on the floor. Her small, fluffy red dog is on her lap, joyfully standing on hind legs and kissing her face, evoking a joyful and affectionate moment between them.

Basic Manners

From puppies to seniors we all need a little help sometimes. If it is potty training, barking at noises, jumping on friends, or coming when called, I’m here to help you understand why this behavior is happening and how to create successful management plans to stop the behavior. I can support you with training plans that are evidence based, effective, and humane. Let me help you live your best life with your best friend.

A red and white bully-type dog sleeps peacefully, wrapped in a red patterned blanket with its head resting comfortably. The dog appears relaxed, enjoying a restful nap while home alone.

Separation Anxiety

If you have a dog that faces difficulties when left alone, I can assist you in reclaiming your life. Separation anxiety is a treatable condition, and I can help you address it effectively.

A young couple stands outside, holding their respective small dogs in their arms, leaning forward to share a kiss, displaying a heartwarming moment of affection between the couple, accompanied by their beloved pets

Fear and Aggressive Behaviors

Fear and anxiety can lead to a dog that is reactive, injurious, unresponsive, among other things. Being a guardian of a fearful dog or one showing aggressive behaviors can be stressful. I can help you understand why this behavior is happening and how to create successful management plans to stop the behavior. I can support you with training plans that are evidence based, effective, and humane.

What My Clients Think

Kristine has been such an asset in the training journey with my rescued staffy/pittie mix named Matilda. If you have a pitbull type dog, you know that the pressure is high to have a dog that is 100% perfectly behaved at all times. She knows so much about dog behavior and has helped me reach a greater understanding of my dog and what she needs.

The training with Kristine has been completely remote. I send her videos and she updates our plans and gives me feedback based on the videos and my questions. She is patient, kind, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dog psychology. The training methods are all science and evidence based, and does not involve hurting or punishing the pups.

Kristine has been able to provide excellent practices and feedback based on detailed reviews of training videos I send her weekly. She has always been available and very well organized. She compassionate and has an excellent understanding of dog behavior and how they process information. Kristine has been the best trainer I have worked with


  • I specialize in

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Fear *Anxiety

    • Aggressive behaviors

    • Pre-puppy prep

    • Puppy raising

    • Teenagers

    • Recall

    • Leash Reactivity

    • General Manners

  • You and your dog will receive respectful and compassionate treatment from me. I am committed to providing transparent and honest information regarding outcomes, progress, and prognosis. However, it is unethical for any trainer to guarantee specific results.


    Dogs are living beings, and their behavior is influenced by numerous factors, including environmental changes, medical conditions or discomfort, reinforcement history, human interactions, and genetics. It is important to recognize that behavior, whether in dogs or humans, is never completely predictable or consistent, as it fluctuates with circumstances.

  • I began as an off leash dog walker in the SF Bay Area, CA in 2006. In 2017 I enrolled in The Academy for Dog Trainers and graduated in 2019 when I began to take on more complex behavior cases.

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