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A young woman with tattoos sits on a red stool, facing away from the viewer. She sports long blond dreadlocks, large earrings, and shares a moment with a Mariposa Xoloitzcuintli sitting on her left side, affectionately kissing her cheek

About Me


Is the passionate owner-operator behind Woof Wisdom. Her approach to training is holistic in nature and based in science. She believes that a solid foundation in relationship building, positive methods is the key to a happy and healthy relationship between humans and their dogs. Kristine has worked as a private group, off leash walker in San Francisco since 2006, and as a private trainer since 2019. She enjoys problem-solving and creating effective solutions for cases involving basic manners, puppy raising, reactivity, anxiety, aggressive behaviors, resource guarding, separation  anxiety, and fear, among other issues.

In 2019 Kristine earned her CTC (Certified Trainer and Councilor) from Jean Donaldson’s prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers . In 2020 her Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification, and CPDT_KA, as well as her PCBC-A. In 2022 she received her CSAT.  She is currently working towards her Masters in Clinical Animal Behavior  from the University of Edinburgh. She has also studied with Dr. Susan Friedman, as well as completed Michael Shikashio’s Master course on Aggression in Dogs. Kristine is passionate about education and a life long learner.  She is committed to education and compassion and finding  the best ways to keep you and your companion safe and happy.

“I come to you with the understanding that you love your dog, and you are doing the best you can with the education you have, I’m just here to help you go a little further.”


With a background in working with dogs since 2006, I have immersed myself in the realm of education and behavior, dedicating myself to continuous learning and growth since 2017. Over the years, I have gained valuable experience and expertise in handling a wide range of behaviors and situations. This diverse background equips me with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle various behavioral challenges effectively. I am committed to utilizing my extensive experience and ongoing education to provide the highest level of support.


Throughout your journey, I prioritize offering compassion, clarity, and honesty. I provide clear policies, methods, and transparent information regarding prognosis and progress, ensuring that you have peace of mind. You can trust that I will be upfront and straightforward, guiding you with openness and empathy every step of the way.


I offer evidence-based, easy-to-follow training plans that are tailored to your unique circumstances. These systematic plans are designed to support you and your companion in living your best lives together. By incorporating proven methods and techniques, we can work towards achieving positive outcomes and fostering a harmonious relationship. My goal is to provide you with practical and effective strategies that are customized to address your specific needs, enabling you and your companion to thrive and enjoy a fulfilling life together.

My Commitment

I am passionate about my education and vow to continue my studies so I can be the most effective, efficient, and humane trainer possible. I work to find the best solution to the situation you find yourself in and help build your relationship with your dog.


2022 - Present

working towards her MSc in Clinical Animal Behavior at the University of Edinburgh


CSAT (Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer)


PCBC-A (Professional Canine Behavior Consultant) – Pet Professional Accreditation Board

2020 - Present

Mentee to Sara Scott


CPDT-KA (Certified Pet Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed) – Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers (CCPDT)


FFCP (Fear Free Certified Professional)


Completion of Aggression In Dogs Master Course 


Living&Learning with Animals Dr. Susan Friedman Certification


Certificate in Training and Counseling, CTC  – The Academy for Dog Trainers


2021 - Present

Founding member of Sara Scott’s Dog Brain Trust Collective

2020 - Present

Volunteer Trainer at HART

2019 - Present

Trainer, Counselor, and Consultant Woof Wisdom 

2019 - 2020

Assistant Trainer at DogEvolve

2019 - 2020

Assistant trainer at Bravo!Pup

2019 - 2020

Volunteer behavior modification trainer at EBSPCA


Volunteer at Family Dogs New Life Rescue


Off leash, play group walker/trainer at DogEvolve

What My Clients Think

Kristine has been such an asset in the training journey with my rescued staffy/pittie mix named Matilda. If you have a pitbull type dog, you know that the pressure is high to have a dog that is 100% perfectly behaved at all times. She knows so much about dog behavior and has helped me reach a greater understanding of my dog and what she needs.

The training with Kristine has been completely remote. I send her videos and she updates our plans and gives me feedback based on the videos and my questions. She is patient, kind, empathetic, and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dog psychology. The training methods are all science and evidence based, and does not involve hurting or punishing the pups.

Kristine has been able to provide excellent practices and feedback based on detailed reviews of training videos I send her weekly. She has always been available and very well organized. She compassionate and has an excellent understanding of dog behavior and how they process information. Kristine has been the best trainer I have worked with


  • You and your dog will receive respectful and compassionate treatment from me. I am committed to providing transparent, honest information regarding outcomes, progress, and prognosis. However, it is unethical for any trainer to guarantee specific results. Dogs are living beings, and their behavior is influenced by numerous factors, including environmental changes, medical conditions or discomfort, reinforcement history, human interactions, and genetics. It is important to recognize that behavior in dogs or humans is never completely predictable or consistent, as it fluctuates with circumstances.

  • It is crucial to be aware that the field of dog training is currently unregulated. This means that anyone can offer their services without adhering to specific standards or guidelines. Take a moment to let that sink in.

    When hiring a trainer, it is essential to understand what you are signing up for. Make sure to ask the following questions:


    1. What will happen to my dog if they get it right during training?

    2. What will happen to my dog if they get it wrong during training?

    3. Are there alternative, less invasive or aversive methods available for the proposed training?

    If you do not receive clear and concrete answers to these questions or if you feel uncomfortable with the trainer's approach, it is recommended to continue your search and explore other options.

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